Sunday, 25 October 2009

Letter to YourAshford re: Rail Services

The reduction of rail services between Ashford and Brighton (yourashford oct 21), or anywhere else for that matter, is frankly ridiculous. It can only have a detrimental effect on domestic tourism in both Ashford and Brighton, and Mr Duncan is correct to point out it will also encourage more people to drive. This comes at a time when people should be encouraged to use public transport in order to cut down on pollution and relieve the strain on our already overburdened roads.

We have, in Britain, the most expensive and, quite possibly, the worst rail service in Europe, with services getting cut while fares go up. The entire rail service needs to be brought back into public ownership so it becomes a service again, instead of a business putting profits before everything else. Privatisation of public services is not in the public interest, and I would encourage people to keep this in mind at the next general election, as privatisation of the postal service is exactly what the Conservatives have in mind.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

The BNP on TV.

We live in a country of free speech and that means free speech for everyone!! As an animal rights campaigner I am counted among the USA's No.1 domestic terrorists. As a pacifist vegetarian devoted to peace, tolerance and, above all, non-violence, I am considered more dangerous than Al Qaeda! They (whoever 'THEY' are!) want to shut me up. I will stand against them at every turn, but neither I nor anyone else can defend my right to freedom of speech without defending everyone elses' as well.

Once we let 'THEM' start bringing in laws that restrict anyones' freedom everyone is at risk: fascism used against fascists is still fascism and, once the BNP are circumscribed, guess who's next!!

We all value our freedom, but Fear is what truly restricts it, and acting through fear of anothers' freedom is what will trap us in our own cages, our 'prison without walls'.

The hour of abuse Mr Griffin suffered was a classic case of people attacking the symptom instead of the cause. He does represent us in the European parliament, and he was voted in democratically, but that is just a symptom of the civil unrest caused by successive Labour and Conservative governments.

However, the idea that the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh have been here since the ice-age 17,000 years ago is just rubbish. The only people who might be able to claim that are possibly the Welsh and Cornish. The Irish invaded from Spain, the Scots from Ireland and the last wave was the English, from Denmark, only 1,500 years ago!! We are all immigrants, and we are all descended from one tribe of Africans who went to India and populated the rest of the world from there. But all this happened a long time ago, and 1948, the last time Mr. Griffin says that Britain was truly "British" (whatever that means) was also a long time ago. The Blacks and Asians are here because, from 1948 onwards, they helped us rebuild our country, and how do we thank them?

Racism has no place in 21st century Britain, so let's give the poor, ignorant souls still dragging their knuckles out of the 80's their time to say what they want, while we still have the freedom to ignore them. There are far too many ethnic minorities and enlightened individuals eligible to vote for this small band of barbarians to pose any real threat, anyway.

We must live in the present, with a nod to the past, and an eye on the future.