Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Budget.

I don't like Budget day, it's got numbers in it, and I don't get on with numbers. So I'll keep it brief.

Listening to Jeremy Vine yesterday we were presented with two points of view: raise taxes or cut public spending. And I couldn't help thinking "What about re-distribution of wealth?"

Both scenarios amount to nothing more than robbing the poor to placate the rich, the very opposite of the Robin Hood Tax Mr. Darling cynically referenced. Why? Because the poor don't fund air-brushed election campaigns!!

So we're faced with cuts to the NHS, privatisation of the post office and a right-royal shafting to pay for it, while the bankers still get their bonuses, more troops are sent to kill/die/both in foreign countries and our redundant and possibly illegal nuclear arsenal is completely re-vamped (£97 Billion).

Because "we must protect the economy, it's suffering, it must be revitalised".


"I am the Economy. Bow down, voter!! You shall suffer, but I am a merciful god, thus you get a choice of how to suffer! Mwa, ha, haaa!!!"

Or there's the Green Party. (Yes, Jeremy, there are more than three parties) Who will raise the national minimum wage, shorten the working week, actually create jobs, raise pensions (£170 pwk, £300 for couples) scrap Trident, oppose road building, and war, and introduce a real Robin Hood Tax, one that hits the target, saves the day and gets the girl!!

Probably got carried away with the analogy there.

Herne protect us!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

With the date of the election still not officially announced the campaigning has already begun.  It looks like we've got six candidates in Ashford (in order of personal preference):

Yours truly, Green Party;

an Independent as yet unconfirmed.

Chris Took, Liberal Democrats;

Chris Clark, Labour;

Damian Green, Conservative;

Paul Andrews, UKIP; 

The BNP are apparently not standing.

Your Ashford will be doing a feature in their Q&A feature over the next few weeks, and I think I'm the first featured.  It's out on Wednesdays.

And the Green Party General Election Manifesto is almost ready for release.

Ashford Green Party campaigning has been mostly via Facebook and e-mails to specific questions on policies.  So far I've committed to IFAW, Vote Cruelty Free, BUAV, the Woodland Trust, CPRE, Save the Children, NSPCC and was the first candidate in the country to respond to PAD.

I've yet to respond to others, but have rejected Cancer Research for their stance on animal testing and am ignoring BASC.

"Dear Mr Campkin, will you support shooting?"

"Dear Shooter, I think you're talking to the wrong chap!!"  I was tempted to say poke it up your arse and pull the trigger, but that would be rude.  So I won't.

I fully intend to be out canvassing over the next four to six weeks, so if anyone reading this would like a personal call let us know.