Sunday, 13 June 2010

Dungeness and the expansion of Lydd Airport

A new power station at Dungeness and the expansion of Lydd Airport would be insane.

Nuclear power is not the Green alternative it is passed off as, and must have no
part in the future of power generation. Though the nuclear reaction itself is
carbon neutral, the mining, processing and transport of uranium is a massively
polluting practice and uses yet more oil. Because of the long-term costs of waste storage, nuclear power is inevitably more expensive than any other form of energy production.

The future of Britains energy requirements must lie in Microgeneration, decentralisation and energy efficiency. This, in turn, will create the much needed jobs in Shepway, Kent and the whole country.

Aviation is one of the fastest growing sources of green house gas, to be
expanding airports when we should be cutting back on air travel is another
example of the industry's disregard for the environment and our childrens
future, not to mention the immediate effect on the local environment and wildlife.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Prey for Justice.

Got myself in the paper again...

Kent Green Party is urging the public to write to their MPs in support of the Hunting Act. Steve Campkin comments:

"The Hunting Act of 2004 has led to 60 successful prosecutions of those who have attempted to break it. Opposition to hunting remains high, at 75% of the population and is a clear majority amongst the supporters of each of the three largest parties. In rural areas, opposition to Hunting is nearly as high as in urban areas at 71%(1).

" The new Coalition Government talks about a New Politics but, with this, they are ignoring the people, including high profile campaigns by Brian May, the League Against Cruel Sports, Vote4animals, and Vote Cruelty Free. Kent Green Party urges the public to write to their MPs in Kent and Medway to sign Early Day Motion 116 which supports the Hunting Act. They need to be reminded that they have no mandate for extending cruelty to animals."

"Repealing the Hunting Act would be a major step backwards for our civilisation to a barbaric age where killing for fun is acceptable. It is not. If we are to move forward into an age of responsibility, respect and equality we must not exclude animals and the environment, there must be no exclusions, that is what equality means. The Hunting Act must be strengthened, extended to all animals and, most importantly, enforced."

Ends c 237 words

FURTHER INFORMATION: Steve Campkin, on 07964 867589. Contact address as above. Promoted by H.Dawe on behalf of Kent Green Party, both at 27 Audley Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1XF.
1. Vote Cruelty Free briefing on Hunting, May 2010.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

EDM Watch

Here is a list of Early Day Motions I would have signed were I elected.

Early day motions (EDMs) are formal motions submitted for debate in the House of Commons. However, very few EDMs are actually debated. Instead, they are used for reasons such as publicising the views of individual MPs, drawing attention to specific events or campaigns, and demonstrating the extent of parliamentary support for a particular cause or point of view.

An MP can add their signature to an EDM to show their support. They can also submit amendments to an existing EDM. Although majority of EDMs are never debated, the group of EDMs known as 'prayers' may be debated. Prayers are motions to overturn Statutory Instruments (laws made by Ministers under powers deriving from Acts of Parliament). Further information on EDM procedure can be found in the Commons Information Office Factsheet Early Day Motions.

Up-to-date and searchable information on EDMs is available from the Early Day Motions database. The database is updated nightly with new EDMs and signatures added to existing EDMs. To look at EDMs from any session going back to 1989/90, select the session you want from the pull down menu in the top right hand corner of the screen. For EDMs and signatures prior to 1989/90, please contact the House of Commons Information Office (020 7219 4272).

EDM 110


Corbyn, Jeremy

That this House welcomes the Government's intention to hold a strategic defence and security review; notes with concern the stated intention to conduct it without giving due consideration to the role of nuclear weapons in ensuring the defence of the UK; believes that not only does the commitment under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty require nuclear weapons and disarmament to be considered within the framework of the review but that the threat of spending cuts to the defence and other Government budgets makes this all the more important; and urges the Secretary of State for Defence to ensure that the review includes both the UK's ongoing possession of nuclear weapons and the replacement programme.

EDM 118


Lucas, Caroline

That this House, concerned that due to the start of fresh legal proceedings in the Netherlands on 14 and 17 May 2010 concerning the multinational commodities trading group Trafigura, including allegations that UK nationals and UK firms may have been involved in illegal waste shipments and a subsequent cover-up and that payments were made to truck drivers in return for favourable witness statements and given that this is not being fully reported in the United Kingdom because of the chilling effect of the UK's libel laws, calls on the Government to launch a full inquiry into the allegations against Trafigura and to review the libel laws to ensure that this matter can be reported fully in the UK.

EDM 116


Williamson, Chris

That this House reaffirms its support for the Hunting Act 2004 and notes that there have been almost 140 convictions under the Act; recognises that the vast majority of the public support the Act across all regional, political, social and religious divides; and therefore believes that any attempt to repeal the Act would be a retrograde step and out of keeping with a civilised society.