Thursday, 19 August 2010

Iraqnophobia II

Just received a letter that was printed in an unspecified national paper. Don't know enough about copyright laws to reprint it here but the gist was that the author 'didn't care' about the torture that Britain has been complicit in, and she made it perfectly clear that she was a committed Christian (insert joke here). Apparently, as far as I could tell, they deserved it.

I don't normally respond to these e-mails* (though I do read them) but this particularly worried me. It seems the anti Islamic propaganda machine is working.

Here is my response:

"How very Christian of her! Shame people like this don't seem to have actually
read the Bible, much less understood it. I'm sure there's something in there
about loving thine enemy, forgiving those who trespass against us and turning
the other cheek.

The war on terror was started by US invasions, the terrorists happened to be
Islamic, but most Muslims don't actually go blowing things up. Every religion
has it's extremists, even Buddhists and Atheists.

It's also important to remember that most of the torture victims were being held
indefinitely without charge. These stories of torture are coming from the ones
who were never charged, were, in fact innocent.

And it is pronounced Qur'an, two words separated by a glottal stop.

It would seem the five people at the end of this list have wasted their time,
along with the Buddha, Dalai Lama, Gandhi, and many others of all faiths and

Habeas Corpus*2"

*I actually received some BNP nonsense through the post not long after the election. No senders address or name, no explanation and, disappointingly, no death threat. I'm obviously not making enough of an impact!

*2 Google it! Then watch 'Taking Liberties'.

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