Friday, 9 April 2010

CONning themselves?

As I admitted a while ago, I'm not entirely comfortable with numbers, but it occurs to me that the Conservatives wish to cut public spending by sacking lots of people, thus denying these people the right to pay tax and forcing them to claim I missing something?

The Greens, on the other hand, want to raise tax and NI, but also raise the National Minimum Wage, so we'll all be better off whilst at the same time rescuing the economy, paying for a state pension of £170 and a Citizens' Income. And, with our Green New Deal, that's one million more of us in work and off benefits.

Now that makes sense!


  1. What are the Greens plans on the 'Poverty Trap'?

  2. The poverty trap is held firmly in place by means testing, something we are definitely against.

    The pension would be non-means tested.

    A more generous non-income-capped carers core income would be non-means-tested.

    The Citizens' Income would be non means tested.

    We'd re-introduce the 10% tax band and the 22p basic rate and reform Council Tax making people in more expensive houses pay more and those in smaller ones less.