Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Freedom of Information and the Digital Economy Act 2010

Dear Mr.,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The internet and sites such as blogspot and facebook are invaluable to my campaign, and even finding quotes lifted from my blog in the local press has not encouraged me to copyright it.

The internet is all about freedom of information and must stay as such as a forum for free thought and the expression of this, but it seems this is exactly what Big Brother fears. The powers that be, therefore, seek to circumscribe our rights to share information and 'watch the watchmen', as it were, whilst at the same time collecting data on us and watching our every move themselves.

Not only this, but the bill itself is flawed and unfair, even in achieving it's own aims. With people openly hijacking each others broadband and with public wi-fi this cannot possibly be policed effectively, nor should it be. The idea that I can have my connection severed because my neighbours are downloading naughty pictures is as absurd as it sounds.

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas has already addressed this in her online blog, as shall I. Even this e-mail is copyright, so you have my full permission to reproduce any or all of it, with my only request being that you give credit where it's due. ()

Our 2010 Manifesto, Fair is Worth Fighting For, clearly states: "(We would) Encourage greater sharing of intellectual property by reducing, but not abandoning, levels of patent and copyright protection."

Yours sincerely,

Steven Campkin
PPC Ashford Green Party

http://www.stevencampkin.blogspot.com ...Thinking Allowed?"

"Think for yourself, Question authority." Timothy Leary (R.I.P.)

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